WR 426 carburetor vent hose

I am needing to replace the vent hoses as they are all very hard and cracking. I can not find a match locally so I will have to order them and all I can find is 1/8 inch? Does that sound right? Thanks.

I ordered a set off Ebay in black and i like em... :devil: I just tried lookign but couldnt find the vendor.. Ill see if i still have the paper/sticker or whatever at home for ya..

I found identical looking hose from Home Depot. Its vinyl, not sure how it will work with gas. Near the sink drain area.

You dont want vinyl tubing. Order soft flexible grippy and durable silicone tubing from your local McMaster - Carr or Grainger :


McMaster Carr Part Number: 51845K55 Pure silicone translucent semi-clear white 1/4" O.D. 1/8" I.D. at $1.26 per foot.:devil:

Thanks guys. Silicone it is. After further inspection the hose currently on there is vinyl and it is a mess. Thanks again for your help.


A couple of months ago I remember seeing a roll of that tubing on E-bay. It was a nice Yamaha Blue color. Don't know if it was an E-bay store or a one time thing.


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