2006 yz450f

Hi all,

I'm considering selling my anniversary edition 06 yz450f... it's only been riddin roughly 5 times, and has a DID O ring chain, a white brothers carbon pro full exhaust system, and has been professionally dyno tuned and jetted. It really saddens me to have to consider doing this but considering I have been unable to ride for nearly 6 months due to a severely destroyed ankle, and the fact that every doctor i've been to has said it's going to be another year before I can ride again, I think I need to get out while it still has some value.

I'm mainly just looking to you guys for some advice on how much I should ask, as I am really pretty clueless, and the kbb value of 5500 seems a bit outrageous considering what brand new ones were selling for towards the end of the 06 run.

Any response or help would be appreciated, as well as any offers if anyone is interested in purchasing the bike.

Thanks all!

-Shawn Clark

where are you from and whats your number? i might have someone interested.

Damn. Sorry to hear that man. . .

My number is 7403951872 and i'm from southern ohio for anyone interested

please could someone help me out with an estimate

That sucks bro, I think thats the smart thing to do in your case. I'm not the best with values but I would try 5k to start with, possibly $48/4,900. Do you have any pics?

Even NADA states around 5400, so I dont think 5500 is too high. Since it has been ridden only 5 times, and has new chain and full system, I dont think around 5.5k is that high. I just bought a new 06 450f se for 6000 OTD, so 5500 is saving quite a bit...but if I were going to buy a used 06 in the condition you describe, I would be willing to pay around 5k for it. Id say put it in for about 5000 OBO and see what interest it generates and go from there.

i can throw some pics up in a couple days, but it's in immaculate condition, it's never even been down, i wrecked and hurt my ankle on my 250f... I also have 2 extra sets of the one industries hurricane graphics to throw in with it which i never put on because the stock ones still look so good... brand new 756rr dunlops too.... this sucks

Sorry to hear you are unable to ride and have to unload your steed. I've been there before and it's not fun. However, you have something to work for while you're rehabbing.

Regarding your bike, I have had the best luck when I take off all of the extras before I sell my bikes. Sell them on here or EBAY. Put the bike back to as stock as you can get it. I generally take off the stock chain/sprockets, front tire (739 is a joke), bars/grips, springs, air filter (sometimes plastic) etc. before I even ride my new bikes. When I sell, the oem stuff goes back on. You're going to get the same $ amount with or without the extras. I've seen new leftovers on EBAY going in the $5700 range. I would think you're going to get somewhere in the low $5K's. Remember that you can't finance and the shops can. You're going to take a hit anyway you slice it, but if you get $5K for the bike and another $500 - $700 for your extras you may stop the bleeding a little.

Good Luck!

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