Airbox Question??

I was wondering if anybody knows what airboxes will bolt right into my 03yz450. The whole back of my airbox shattered out. What years will fit? will a 250f airbox fit? Thanks

Go to one of the online parts web-sites and look up your bike and air box partnumber, then search the years prior and after and different engine sizes to get an IDEA of what will fit and scour E-bay, people are parting whole bikes out all the time.

The 03-05 airbox will fit. The 98-02 design as well as the 06-07 design are completely different. I don't know if a 250f airbox will fit.

I don't know if a 250f airbox will fit.
They are the same part.
They are the same part.

Right on

Greyracer Thanx thats exactly what I was looking for.:devil: There is a couple 250f airboxes on ebay right now. So that should work great. Thanks for all the help guys!:thumbsdn:

Be sure it's an '03/'05

Yeah thats what I figured!:devil::thumbsdn:

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