Am I the only one that DOES NOT like the Rekluse?

Installed the rekluse and after 20 minutes of riding, Im taking it out. 400$ + 100$ for external override adjuster for 20 minutes. I must just like using the clutch alone. Guess Im going to try to sell the Rekluse. Am I the only one that likes the regular clutch?

you have never heard me say anything good about it. i prefer a clutch although some like the retarkluse:thumbsup:

I would never spend the $ on one, Too me it's just a lazy way. Mise well be riding a quad..

I just wonder how much money I can get out of it now. 500$ for 20 minutes of riding about makes me nauseated.

Dont get me wrong, for trailriders, novices, or people who cant work the seems perfect. Takes the fun out of it for me though. Definitely dont have to worry about it stalling with it.

I have one for sale also. After reading many raving posts on this forum about using them strictly for motocross racing I bought one on eBay for $350. At one track I race at it helped my starts. Other than that it felt like I was riding a farm implement. I gave it to my buddy but he took it out and gave it back. lol

I see no use for it other than for the new CRF150R for kids.

I talked to some motocross racers last weekend and asked what they thought about it. Not one of them was interested. I think its mostly for trail type riding. I bet you can sell it in a heartbeat on the 450X forum. Good luck.

I stuck with mine for 6 months in my old 03 450R for both trail riding and MX. Finally got sick of the inconsistent engagement (due to temps in MX), and removed it. I don't miss it at all.

My buddy runs it on his Kxf450 and swears by it, I don't understand spending(or wasting) the money on making it a foo foo bike. If you can't use the clutch properly than practice or set it up right. I think they are a waste of time and gay (nothing agaist the gays lol). I would feel like a ***** riding with one.:devil:

I ordered one too never put it in still in the box new hate to know what I will have to sell it for.

I will never use one of those, clutch forever!

I'm an X guy, I ride all trails, some dunes, but I agree the Rekluse is not for me. Advertise it in the 450X forum or over at CRFs only, it will sell quick.

None for me, thanks. I ride woods exclusively....still I can't see having one.

(I picture that as something I'd put on the wife's bike...)

Riding is supposed to be FUN! Why take a big chunk of the fun out of it??? Not to mention the challenge, and the satisfaction of being able to get out of anyplace without continuously stalling out. I've gotten the impression that the majority of Rekluse owners have never had two strokes...

:devil: My sons CRF 50 has a autoclutch he doesnt complain.
Installed the rekluse and after 20 minutes of riding, Im taking it out. 400$ + 100$ for external override adjuster for 20 minutes. I must just like using the clutch alone. Guess Im going to try to sell the Rekluse. Am I the only one that likes the regular clutch?

For those of you that didn't know.....Rekluse has a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't like it.... call them and make arrangements to send it back.

none of the mxers keep them -----they really hinder your control and hurt your corners and jumps.

and they do come apart and cause trouble.

mostly trail riders kinda like them out here in az-

i have 5 of them i have taken out of peoples bikes after a very short run time ,---so you are not alone -----i was over at a buddys shop yesterday using a bridgport and i saw a used one sitting there ----so its just kinda one of thoes things ,

i tried to tell people in the begining ------oh well ----we all live and learn :devil:

hay ------what happened to the spell check -----i am a hurting unit without my crutch cheeter spell check :thumbsdn:

Put em in the classifieds or on ebay. I am looking forward to getting one.

That's a good suggestion about the 30 day guarantee. I'd call them, or whomever you bought yours from, and I am sure Rekluse will be happy to offer a refund.

I will say that a Rekluse does have merit and adds value for those who ride in woods, especially really technical and long seat time trails. In this environment, you are shifting and braking twice as much as you would on a groomed track. After a while, a manual clutch, as fun as it is over an auto clutch, does start to wear on your nerves as well as your forearm muscles. Staying on the saddle and not wasting so much energy is the name of the game in the woods. ANd that's where the a/c shines...my2cents

i love mine. but to each his own. i was never good at not even a little bit. i was proficient at dumping it and hanging on, but with the rekluse i can actually put some of the 450's power to the ground. some guys don't need it, but i did, and i'll never go back.

I guess I am one of the few that actually love his Rekluse clutch. It was a little hard getting used to at first. There was actually some slippage and problems with stalls until I switched to the optional heavier spring.

With all the associated benefits of the auto clutch I can still use my clutch normally. As long as the engine rpms are above idle the clutch is disengaged and may be engaged by simply pulling in the clutch lever. Never mind that I believe that it makes the bike way easier to ride, the fact that it keeps the bike from stalling is a major plus. Have you ever had to restart you bike in the middle of a moto?

Just my .02.

Well, we all have our individual preferences...big part of the reason there are so many aftermarket products available. So I don't accidentally come across as offensive, not dogging anyone who does like the Rekluse, I just prefer the regular...sort of, I did just install a Magura Jack.....


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