buggy whip on ktm

Where is a good place to mount a buggy whip on an 03 450 exc?

Hines Racing and Fabrication makes a cool mount that attaches to the muffler supports. It's sturdy, out of way, and far back enough that you don't hit it. I hit Glamis twice a year and Pismo once a year, and I leave the mount on year round.


Sorry, the link isn't working. Do a search for Hines Racing and Fabrication.

Where is a good place to mount a buggy whip on an 03 450 exc?

I drill a hole in the rear fender about 4 inches behind the seat and mount a dune flag there. Never been a problem in over ten years. All of my dirt biker friends do it also. The brackets they sell are just something else to jab into you when you go down.

goto: www. hinesracingf .com

I don't know why the post is forcing it to be all asterisks..... type in the address with no spaces and it will take you there.

That looks awesome and way better. I will pick one up when I go to the dunes in Florence Or. next year. I don't want to have to drill my plastics when I don't use a whip all the time.

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