'06 English Manual PDF

Thanks, Nice to have.

BTW, Did you make it to either of the Pemberton,Harvest Series races?


Your welcome, going to Pemberton this weekend Havent been in 3 months. I spent the last month in Tolameen riding the the best trails ever, cant wait to get back to the track.

Do you mean Tulameen? Great trail riding up there. We've got a place at the north end of Otter Lake. Do you have a place there, or visiting?

Building a log cabin with my brother in law south end of the lake up the hill. The riding there is spectacular worked 10 hour days 2 hours riding a day 2 back tires later, cant wait till next year to do some more exploring.

That one waaay up the hill that you can see from the middle of the lake? Nice.

We're just finishing an addition on our place there so I know all about the long days.

If you haven't been, the sledding is even better up there than the riding if that's possible.

81 downloads not bad...

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