Difference between a YZ and WR

Is there really a big difference between the WR and YZ? I am looking for a bike to ride with my son (7 and TTR-50), on the farm and on some trails in the mountains. I am not looking for the fastest bike on the block, and like the idea of putting it in 2nd gear and lugging along makes me think WR is the right choice. All of that said I see some pretty good deals on YZ's and may take the leap, would that be a mistake?

Thanks for your thoughts







2 diffrent bikes for 2 very diffrent purposes.. :devil:

I have owned both, the WR is configured for just what you described at least in comparison, although depending on what year you will definately want to change the throttle stop screw. The YZ is much more purpose built, yes you can feel the weight differnce and the steering is much more agile. So a WR250 might be a good compromise if weight is an issue. Both are great and either are fun to ride, but I would recommend the WR at least first, make someone a cash offer and then later if you think you would like the YZ then find a good deal on that. One thing you may want to consider, if you are riding with a yongster then you might find the kickstand on the WR very useful. You can put an add:ride: on ks on the YZ but consider that in the price. The time with the kids will mean a lot to both of you. Good luck on the purchase.

A big help for you would be electric start,For your Needs it sounds to me you would be happy with a WR.

a newer yz450 is meant to really be opened up so the air can cool the bike down, if you dont than it over heats. For what you described id say WR for sure

Thanks for the advice guys!

I recently sold my yz400f to get a wr426 for the reasons you stated above. The first gear on the yz made it hard to follow the little one around. I was always stopping ahead of my son, then letting him catch up, then go again. The wr has a great low first gear for riding slow. And I argree, the kick stand is a life saver. Go with the wr.

I say get a YZ for when you want to "rage", then pick up an early 90's model XR to follow the youngster around. We just bought an '86 XR250 for my nephew and my brother had no trouble following us through the mountains....they are pretty capable machines! Plus, you can pick them up for around $1k, so if you get a great deal on a YZ, you can buy the XR and still have about the same amount of $ in that you would if you bought a WR.....

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