Vermont Title Bond Form - help!

I am in the process of going through Vermont to get my WR426 street legal. I do not have the MSO certificate. I have the Vermont "Motor Vehicle/Vessel Title Bond" form in my hands and am wondering what the rest of you have answered on the back side of the form where it asks me to explain, in detail, the reason why proper ownership documents are not available. I have the bill of sale and invoice from the dealer where I purchased the bike I'd consider this to be "proper ownership documents", however, the form clearly states in bold letters that "This section must be completed in detail or the form will be returned".

Any help would be appreciated!

Jerry in Deltona, FL


I just went thru VT for mine, and they picked mine apart like crazy. They were freaking about me not having the MSO, (My dealer sent it in to get my ATV plate, originally), and they wanted me to get a dupe from NY. If you dont have any kind of title, or MSO, they will not let you reg your bike. I had a transferable reg, (which is the same as an MSO), and had to file for a dupe MSO as well to get it done. Make sure you have at least one or the other before sending all your stuff.

Wayne, I'm following the procedure outlined at:

where it says he was able to do it without the MSO by using the Title Bond. My problem is how to fill out the title bond paper properly. Maybe the person mentioned at the insurance and bond agency will know what to do? After I am successful, I will post much more details about the exact process.



I see you have a different situation. My only advice would be to have as complete an application as possible, so that they dont raise eyebrows, and start micro-examining your papers for other things. My mistake was that I didnt have EVERYTHING they wanted at once, so they started to look too far into it.

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