Dipstick Temp Guage

Anyone know where to get a dipstick oil temp guage for my L, Baja Designs said they quit carrying them


some people like em, some claim they dont work

they seem like a great idea and i want one! :devil:

XR's only has them... they've changed them a bit but both designs are easily calibrated. (It will come with instructions). I find it invaluable here in the desert. (With the high temp radiator cap, XR's have them too)

Mine still works after two years. I never calibrated it from when it was new,but it still nice to see the fluctuations. I could live with out it if it were to break.

Try this guy just send him an email telling him what you want, beats xrsonly prices, Go to www.xrsonly.com pick your parts, colors etc... then email rideaide@hotmail.com with part #, description, color, etc...

I have bought lots from him and am very satisfied. :devil:

I have one still in the package I am willing to part with. I ordered it for my R after I sold my L, but they are the same, so I am using the old one from my L in my R. I called XR's only to ask why the part number was different, and they said the painted on "full" mark was painted at a different level. (the paint comes off so fast you'll never even notice).

Let me know if you are interested, it is anodized red, and still in the shrink wrap.


I have one on my XR650R. The only problem was that it would'nt fit after the steering dampener was installed, which was fixed by machining the dipstick smaller.

I got my dad one from SRC, works great (I've since ridden his bike with the sensor), surprisingly easy to read while riding.

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