Rear fender tool packs / mods

Anyone have any good ideas for adding some strength to the stock rear fender so your tool bag doesn't beat the crap out of it?

I have an 05 WR450F and a Blue Ridge Racing enduro pack...



Buy a bum bag if you wanna keep your tools.

I have never been able to keep any weight in a rear fender bag in real nasty rocks or whoops. The front fender bag does work for tubes and light tire irons but I found a fanny pack and back pack more practical.:devil:

I'm a little surprirsed you're having a problem. I suppose you could fabricate some metal stiffeners if needed but the oem WR rear fender is pretty stout right out of the box. I have a Dirt Bike Gear pack mounted right behind the seat and haven't experienced any issues. Is the pack unusually heavy or mounted farther out on the fender?

If you don't want to use a backpack or waist bag you might want to get an alu rack which bolts to the sub-frame. You can then fasten your bag to the rack. I have seen some made by Promotobillet. :devil:

I'm using a Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag, bolted right behind the seat, and it works great. The mounting system bolts to the fender and the bag is removable.:devil:


I have one right at the rear of the seat where the fender is strongest. No problem ever. And mine is loaded pretty heavy!

I got the Yamaha fender bag. Its a little small, but it's pretty sturdy. It attaches with rivets and has a fairly stiff bottom. I've got a spark plug, screw drivers, a couple wrenches, and I towel in it. It doesn't add much weight, but maybe its the reason the bike wheelies so easy? :devil:

I got the Yamaha fender bag. Its a little small, but it's pretty sturdy

Ditto here. I've got it chuck full and no problems.

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