Anybody got a 2007 WR yet

Centurion Yamaha in South Africa told me today the Wr450's are landing +-30 november and should take delivery on 6th December. Even gave me the ships name as I have been bugging him non stop.


Its the way the bike carries its wieght that matters and the new ones are 'supposed' to feel 20 lbs lighter. just like when the YZ's got the AL frames.

if they can lower the way the weight is carried, it seems to me they could have a real winner. just looking at the gas tank on the gf's wr250, it seems there's alot of room to move that lower (might not be the same on the 450).

i won't be looking for another bike til next year sometime anyway, so you guys will have plenty of time to check out the 07 wr's for me.

anybody have any pics I want to see what the headlight looks like

thanks guys I like the headlight and the taillight

My dealer said maybe next month. (dec)

geesh.....looking at those pics, I wonder how one gets to the carb??

geesh.....looking at those pics, I wonder how one gets to the carb??

I think the day to day adjustments (fuel screw,pj & mj) will be the same as on the steel frame bikes. If you are changing needles then you have to remove the carb the same as before, the Honda guys got used to it and so will we. WR Dave.


Gettings my 07 WR 450 on the 06th of December, that after a three month wait. Centurion Yamaha in South Africa. Saw the new wr 250 and the new yz450 last week. If that anything to go by, Icannot wait


If they are not there on the 06th we will have to get a chopper and go find that ship. The wait has been too long.

Don't WR250's have it at the front and WR450 at the back ???

did anyone notice the starter relocated to the front of the motor on one of the pictures??? whats up with that ????

It still looks like the starter is on the backside of the motor.

It still looks like the starter is on the backside of the motor.
Its the 2nd pic but I believe dangermouse is right must be a 250 pic thrown in there...

Soooo. Any Yet? November is soon to be over. I figure if anyone has one they are out riding and not posting.

In this pic, the rear fender sticker says WR450. The starter on the bike in this photo is at the rear of the engine, my 2004 wr450 also has the starter under the carb. Musta'h been a 250?


2 week I was told by Yamaha yesterday at the Dirt bike show.... and the UK are getting very very few as the USA have taken some of the UK allocation....So give em back...

I did all the paper work last night. I will pick up my 07 WR 450 tonight :cheers::p right after work and will be riding 2 days later out in Johnson Valley for turkey day. I will ride it bone stock for the first 4 days do an oil change get more money and do all the free mods and a FMF 4.1 ti rejetted and then back out to ck on changes. OHHHH YAAAAA>:bonk::crazy:

You Lucky boy....

what was the Part number for your FMF...Price etc etc ....

They have none listed but I'm guessing that the 06 Pipes will fit, just worried about the slimmer Headers, but if you have a full system that won't matter, I just want the end Can, to stock headers...

Thanks in Advance

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