Supertrapp I.D.S. II on an L

Pros and cons for this pipe on a 650L? They are relatively inexpensive, but is it a case of getting what you pay for? Any other recommendations in that price range?

I have an IDS I on my 2000 XR600. I love it! I had a Socket Head Cap Screw strip out inside, it wasnt under warranty and Supertrapp sent me the whole 40 dollar part free. The pipe on my bike sounds real good, real snappy sound. Not sure if the II sounds any different. I would recomend it

I got the II on my 06 L and love it, 18 discs and it purrs under light throttle and barks as loud as some harley's at WOT.Good head turner:eek:


Thanks for the response. Any other opinions on this pipe?

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