yz450f considering

hi, i am considering a yz450f. i am currently riding a yz250. i was just wondering how these two compare in acceleration, top speed, handling, weight, etc... also this will be the first four stroke i have ever owned. is there anything special i need to know? thank you

What year YZ450 are you thinking about?

most likely 2004 or newer is what im shootin for

The YZ450 weighs about 215 dry (really dry), about 235 topped off.

The '04 is very strong, and has decent suspension, even by current standards. The engine has a lot of snap right off the bottom, and can be a bit of a handful.

The '05 has a significantly better fork and a refined shock, but the ignition was remapped to make the engine softer, and most would agree they over did it. Same peak power, but a much softer delivery that some just don't care for. A Vortex may fix this, since the cams and most everything else is nearly the same.

Both these bikes will feel somewhat heavier, especially top heavay, compared to your two stroke, and while they are quite stable and track rough stuff well, they take a bit of deliberate effort to swing it through corners. They're fun, nevertheless.

The '06/'07 are altogether different. They weigh the same, but feel 30 pounds lighter. As light as many 250 2-strokes, in fact. Very nimble, very neutral steering, and corner like nobody's business. The engine puts out more power than an '04, but is far easier to manage. Well worth the extra, if you can get there.

The '04 is cool, though. The YZ450's produce between 47-50 hp stock (47-48 for the '04/'05), compared to 44 for a later model YZ250.

On pavement they will fell about the same. On dirt though, the 450 feels SO much stronger. When you are pinning it in 3rd and 4th gear.... it is just a whole differant feeling of acceleration on the 450 and you cant really describe it until you ride one. Really, I would say that the newer ones arent any worse than a 2 stroke handling wise, just get the suspension revalved and you will be good to go.

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