Looking for pic of battery in airbox (WR426's)

I can't believe that a battery will fit in the airbox w/o squashing the filter. I would love to see a pic of how someone mounted it.:devil:

I'll try to post one up tonight

Do appreciate it!



What battery are you trying to use? It's an 02 so no e-start. Why don't you use a BD or a TDS battery? They can mount almost anyplace.

Sorry it took so long to get it...been kinda busy




Probably looking to fit a battery to keep the lights on with the motor not running? Street legal? Mine has a batt. MUCH smaller than the one pictured. Doesn't impede with removing the filter. I'll try and post a pic later this evening.

Birdy, that battery is tiny. Where did you get it? Ive looked at local auto shops and they dont have anything close to that small. The m/c shop down the street wants $50 for a battery that's about that size but twice as thick.

BTW, thanks for the pics.


Came from Frye's Electroics in beeeuuutiful downtown Burbank. cost about 9 bucks, if I remember right.

Go to a Batteries Plus or other battery specialty store. They stock small 12V sealed batteries. I mounted mine and all the electronics behind the WR number plate.

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