New Exhaust System!!!

I am so stoked! I finally get my full exhaust from XR's Only for my 84 XL600R! Kamell from the shipping dept just emailed me to say they are in! I pay for mine next Wed. and should get it here in a couple of days!!!! New header, Pipe, & jets and uni filter!!!! WooHoo! I'll post pics and keep you informed how well this system works!!!


Cool, that should help. I had one of those when it was new! Would be just fine for what I really do. :devil:

Congratulations LandsharkGT, I am glad that Kamell hooked you up, did you get the break on the price I was telling you about?

Oh yeah He made me a deal I couldnt refuse!! I cant wait to install it! I really have to hand it Kamell and the guys at XR's Only for going out the way to remake an exhaust that was to be discontinued!!!!Thats dedication to thier business and customers!!!!!!!Many Thanx to them and you Rebelventure for hooking me up! I'll post pics later of the product and install.



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