Just got my new Thunder Alley pipe OUCH!

I put on my new TA pipe and took it for a test ride after school. Its really not as loud as people say. I'm not impressed with the performance at all. I did not touch the carb yet though! It was already running lean I believe. Well I was having fun with test ride until I ate the ground!

My front tire slipped in some rocks and I cut it sharp and then it grabbed in some grass. My bike went sideways and flew me off sideways into the grass breaking my clavicle collarbone:cry: . I get surgery on it Thursday since it wont heal on its own. It is almost out of the skin. It happened last friday. I cant wait to go riding again:ride: .

The scary thing is I was only going like 10 mph out of a turn. I dont even know why the tire slipped.

were you wereing a chest protector hope you get better soon

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