How do you prevent forks twisting in clamps?

It wont stop! Every time I lay my bike over the forks twist in the clamps! If anyone knows what I mean is there any way to prevent it?

I already have applied top clamps with renthal twinwalls. I thought that the a/m ones prevented that from happening?

New bike, or used?

Just make sure you have everything torqued correctly. Other than that, the ability that your forks have to twist is not an entirely bad thing. It's like leaving your clutch/brake lever clamps a little loose so they are able to move in case of impact. If they were too tight to move, they levers would probably break.

my 03 is used. The triple clamps are used. What is the best way to make it straight again. That is the hardest part. Actually getting them perfect again.

If you loosen the lower clamp pinch bolts, does the wheel want to stay facing straight when it's put there, or does it want to spring back off to one side or the other?

If it stays straight, clamp it back down to 14-15 ft lb. with the tire pointed straight. Loosen and align the fender with the tire if necessary.

If it won't sit straight with the clamp loose, something is bent, most likely a fork tube.

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