2003 hp compared to later years

How does it compare to later yeared 450's. It seems like they have more power and hit alot harder than my buddies 05 crf450, but his will probably go 90 and the power is alot alot smoother!! Both fun but I love the hit of my 03. How does the horsepower compare though? I got a TA pipe and thats it

That's an interesting thing, that. I own an '03 that will run with just about anything I run into, and an '06 that will run right next to it on pavement until the higher gears, where it starts to pull ahead of the '03. To ride both bikes, you would swear it was the other way around, but the fact is that the '03 with the FMF full system I run put 49 hp up during an exhaust shootout, and an '06 put 49.75 up on Eddie Sisneros's dyno at 5000 ft.

Coming off corners, it's the same thing. The '03 rips the tire up by the roots and demands you control it. The '06 grabs and goes with much less concentration on throttle control required.

Besides, you can go 10% faster in any corner on an '06, and turn inside on anyone.

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