Folding Levers

Anyone here install folding levers on the bars of their L? and if so where did you find em?


Anyone here install folding levers on the bars of their L? and if so where did you find em?



I can't help you as far as fitment on an L but I have them on my 450 and love them. Don't buy new though, buy the referbished jobs on ebay. Mine looked brand new and they were a good 60% off. There are usually loads of them on.

Thanks Huffa I'll check e-bay out tonight.


The clutch is no problem other than you will lose the mirror mount.

The brake lever is not available with the tab that actuates the switch for the brake light, you can have a welder tig you a tab on to remedy that though. For the L its probably a better investment to just get some good brushguards that mount in the ends of the bars, no folding levers needed if you go that route. If you go folding as Huffa said you can find refurbished ASV levers on ebay, both my sons bikes have them. Got them for less than $10 for each lever, and looked new to me. I will do the brushguards on my L, it just makes more sense to me. Barkbusters, whatever you want to call them, I will probably go with the UFO brand.:devil:

Didn't think that far ahead, I like my mirrors where they are, I'll look into better bark buster with the wrap around alloy band. Thanks for the reply.


Dont get the Moose ones, they suck. I have the Acerbis that are plastic, but trust me they have been bashed on rocks and whacked many tree branches and held up perfectly. They also block just enough wind to keep your hands ok in the colder rides, if you can can So Ca cold :devil:

I keep them just a tad loose, so I can swivel them if they get bashed...just like the controls, hard to move by hand..but they are far less likely to become trsh after a good dump.

pics in my garage

:devil: I've had good luck with the moose ones. The've taken the impact of some pretty good hits and drops (taking pretty much all the impact on a few spills) and no problems or damage to the bike or them, except my ego:busted:

One of my riding buddies had them and had problems with the hardware and hated them. Thats why I posted as such.

Yeah, I do agree they are a PIA to install, I also had to trim the knobs off the ends of the levers so they wouldn't rub. They were worth the trouble imo.:devil:

Had the same problem when instaling a pair of Acerbis Rally Pro guards.The levers would poke beyond the guards.I decided to cut them short but didn't liked the idea of having squared/flat ends so I just cut a 1"section from the middle and welded the ball end back.I'm sending some pics,hopefully the links go right this time (wish meluck) elyunqueenero2  0062002.jpg

Yoe Todd

Did you check out ebay? Find anything?

Those folding levers can be found on FleeBay, But if you are going to use brush hand guards you really dont need them. I prefer the handguards myself they keep some of the cold and rain off your hands and protect the levers as well. JMHO!


Yes I did and no I didnt. went through butloads of pages but all I found was some factory bark busters in white and red


Gonna go with aftermarket brushguards that wrap around attach to the ends of my bars, thanks Huffa and everyone else for the help.


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