back in the saddle

Hello everyone,

back in the saddle after a few years off witha 1993 XR650L. a lot of great info on this site. quick question though. it runs strong when you open it up, but when bumping along at low rpm, there is a distinct, rapid chatter. i'm guessing the valves. the bike evidently was not ridden much over the last few years. i'm on my second tank of gas. does this sound like valves or something else? its got 5400 miles and no service history. any suggestions appreciated. thank you

I think the chatter your talking about is gear backlash, kind of like when your not going fast enough for the gear your in but to fast to down shift, I put a 14 tooth sprocket on the countershaft & that helped move the rpm up enough to eliminate the chatter

It would be a good idea to check the valve clearance. It's not too hard to do, but get yourself a manual. It's normal for the bike to make some noise at low revs. The RFVC design with it's double rocker arms is prone to clicking and clacking.

There are several low $ things that can be done that will make the bike run better. It's known a Dave's mods. Do a search for it.

And finally, welcome to Thumpertalk. If you got questions, there are people here with answers.

Welcome to TT, WramblinWrex......I'm sure you'll get some answers here..:devil:

I am a new member of tt but have read many articales and have found alot of info on my 00 650L. my 650 also makes a little noise but runs like a raped ape:ride: .get used to it. my bike has a white bro. exhaust and stage two jet kit wow!.getting ready to race the national enduro in delaware on oct 29.any one else?seya there

thanks eveyone. the bike will run out from under ya if you wind it up, but i was just worried about the noise. it sounds like the new sprocket would help. when i'm loping along and start up a hill it chatters. i don't have a tach, but you're right on. it feels like i'm a little low in the current gear, but the next one down winds up a little too high. i'll put that on my winter overhaul list. it is very comforting to know a little noise is expected. thanks again everyone

i just realized in my original post i put 2003 as the model year... it's acutally a 1993. what a dope. doing too many things at once i guess. sorry for the error, i would imagine that could change some of the adivce. thanks again

Welcome to the site there are a lot of great folks here with great info!!!!


change the oil then check and set the valves, it is easy.

what speed are you talking about? Just off idle, or a few MPH?

May be


driveline lash

or camchain tensioner or

even low oil

My XR makes a little noise when it gets low on oil and it doesn't smoke, or burn or leak oil. They all use a little oil and if you haven't changed it and dude you bought it from neglected it for the last few months that may be it too. But rule of thumb,

new bike,

oilchange, valves, chain adjustment go over entire bike and tighten up bolts and stuff.

usually the rattle starts (from sound, no tach) between 1200 and 1500 rpm. the oil level seems ok. the guy i got it from didn't seem much of a gear head. i just purchased the shop manual. planning on gettin dirty pretty soon checkin', changin, and greasin'. if i get over my head, there is a shop down the road. but between TT and the manual, i should be ok

thanks for the warm welcome eveyone.

any oil / lube recommendations?

I have never been a big believer in synthetic oil but My 04 XRL shifted a lot better after switching to it. If you should go with a synthetic make sure it is for a motorcycle,because if it isn't it will have a seal that says energy conserving on it and that stuff is not good for your clutch. Also and you will read this in your new manual that the bike has an automatic decompresion for starting the bike,that if your not carefull can give you a little trouble doing your 1st valve adjust ment untill you get used to it. Its very simple to get around the problem and your manual will show you how,its easy. Welcome to the club.

If the RPM is that low its chain slap. The chain is slapping on the swing arm and making a racket. You can adjust the chain a little but you cant adjust all of that out without having an issue when you drop deeper into the suspension.

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