Please read, then let fade away...


I got some bad news today, a very good friend of mine passed this morning. I knew him since I was 9yrs old, so over 30yrs. He battled cancer the last year and finally won his fight to go home with the Lord God. I ask that you may put his name and his family in your prayers tonight. RIP George. Thanks

I know your thoughts and prayers will help his family in this time of need.

Hey, Sorry for your loss....I'll keep them in my prayers.....:devil:

Sorry about the loss of your friend!

Prayers will be said!


Prayer sent.

So sorry for your loss, I too had a long time friend die of cancer a few years ago and understand your grief! My prayers are going out!


Sorry for your loss Justice, If he rides I hope his bike went with him.

Sorry to hear about your loss dude. May your friend rest in peace.

Sad news for sure justice and my prayers will be sent out. Hopefully where he is right now, there is motocross too.

I'm sorry. Prayers to you and his family.

JD---my condolences.

My prayers and best wishes to George, JD your a good man. George went to a better place, forsure!

im sorry for your loss may god be with him and his family.RIP amen.

"I will change their sadness into happiness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sadness."


(Jeremiah 31:13)

Tomarrow is the funeral service and its gonna be most are. But i wanted to thank all who posted and those that didnt but perhaps said a little word for my friend and his loved one. Talking to Gorges brother, I told him about this and he was very touched and knew he was getting a lot of love and support from outside but didnt know where.

thanks again


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