throttle stop help

hi guys ,

i a newbie with my WR4 98, and i seem not to be able to locate the throttle stop, all of you have being talkin about. guess either mine has been totally removed by the Ex owner(**** ), or its not where i though it was. so can any one tell me excatly where it is on mark its location on a picture.


If you look at the right side of the bike, find where the throttle cables meet the carburettor.

You have two cables which attach them selves to a rotating mechanism on the carb. You need to remove the support strticture that holds the two cables in place and it will then be visible, attached to the carb will be a little metal stub which will 'stop' the rotating mechanism from moving beyond a certain point. This is the throttle limter. This whole thing is HIDDEN by a black plastic cover which you need to remove from the right side of the carb. Its a little tricky to remove this (two hex bolts & iuts wdged in there between the carb and the frame) so have some patience. You may need to loosen the carb to twist it slightly to get it out. Everything is made easire if you remove the gas tank but its not absolutely necessary.

Look at this parts page. The rotating mechanism is the part that is shown right next to the number 12. Note the parts page is viewed from fron left of the bike. parts page

As far as I can tell the throttle stop is NOT shown.

Also see this page in the tech section of this web site : throttle restrictor

I trust this helps..

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