best exhaust wr450 2006

im looking to buy a new exhaust for my wr 450f can anyone give there opinion or advice so many brands out there

A fairly subjective question. Decided by personal taste usually. Good luck with your search!

A good compromise between sound and performance is either the GTYR quiet muffler or the FMF Q2. The white bros. E2 is also an excellent choice. Bottom line is even though these mufflers are quieter and offer less performance than an all out open bore race pipe, they do offer a good improvement over the stock hunk o junk silencer which needs to be gutted and core'd, and packed before it can make power.

use this one - GYT-5TA93-01-AL

because you always have the option of - GYT-5XD93-75

Of course this is the 'best' but then again it is also the most expensive in the range - GYT-5TA94-KT-AL (it is also the one that i have)

Yamaha certainly know how to build good pipes, it's just a shame that the stock pipe is such a compromise due to the legal requirements that it must meet

After a lot of reading i ended up picking up a yz450f stock exhaust and it makes the bike rip. Does what all the aftermarket pipes do for the WR, more flow and more power. Got mine of Ebay for 80 bones, very cheap in comparison.The guy i got it from pulled it off his bike brand new.



I was in the same boat a couple of weeks back and had soooooo many different opinions.:devil: As previously mentioned in the thread it boils down to personal preference.

If it is value for money you want, I would go with the YZ pipe or Ti powercore from FMF. I however opted to go for the E2 from white brothers as it is versatile in the sense of having 2 endcaps (one wide open and another restricted with spark arrestor). My ultimate decison for choosing the E2 was the durability of the muffler can. It seems to be tougher than the others.

Hope this helps:thumbsup:

What year YZ exhaust did you get? I was told that the 06 WR wouldn't match up to the YZ.

Not Evo X

thanks to you all its a bit clearer now

Dirt Ride magazine in the latest issue did a test using a WR 450 they tested forest legal exhaust pipes mostly slip on's I belive. I have not finished the artical but It has all the big manufactures represented. I also noticed the in the FMF advertisement they have a new Q3 out now we should check that out I just checked the FMF web site and it is not there. We will see, I was unable to find the artical on the DR web site all they had was some blurb about how important it is to keep the bikes quiet and how one manufacturer failed the sound test. Looks like a good read.

Ossidog, why "not Evo X"? Just wondering, cuz I am looking at Big Gun for my 2007 arriving in January.

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