Switch to WR or YZ Mapping

I was thinking that it would be nice to try to go from the YZ (grey wire disconnnected) to WR (grey wire connected) without going through the hassle of reconnecting the grey wire.

I was hoping that it would be nice to have the option when terrain gets really slick or the benefits of the WR mapping may be better.

Does this make practical sense?

If so does anyone know of a switch that can allow this?

Has anyone done this?

yes, easy to do - a few of my mates have done it - just wire an insulated switch between both ends of the grey wire.

Remember that the grey wire modification needs to be done in conjunction with the rest of the 'free' mods in order to get the most benefit from it eg AIRBOX, RE-JET, EXHAUST, THROTTLE STOP ... etc

My guess is that once you've tried it you'll never go back to std anyway. Also remember that to get the CDI to recognise the switch-over you need to turn the bike off, flick the switch and then restart it (otherwise it won't sense the change)

The other option is to go for a Vortex X10 CDi which gives you 10 maps to choose from. Two of them switchable on the move from the handlebar. Just put one on & I think its ecellent.

I have a question reguarding this topic...

I know the "ungrounding" of the grey wire changes the power curve, but does it also eliminate the WR rev limiter???

I do not believe so, because the purpose of the gray wire is the alter the ignition map at lower revs to help the bike through the emissions and sound test to comply with CARB regulations. I would assume that with the gray wire cut or disconnected the engine will rev out like a YZ400F which may or may not have a rev limiter.

The rev limiter is unaffected by the grey wire mod...SC

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