Doesn't Matter Which Filter...'06 XR650R

Let me preface by saying, I'm not new to motorcycles. I've been riding (and maintaining) them for 15 years. I say this because I don't want you to think I'm oiling the filter wrong, or not getting it sealed properly. Whether it's the stock filter or UNI filter...UNI oil or BelRay (lip of filter greased well), there is always that "gray" mist of dust on the inside of the airbox. It is NOT leaking by the foam edge, and the filters ARE oiled properly. The place I ride has that kind of dust that hangs in the air in the evening time for 30 minutes after you stop riding (when theres no wind) know the kind of dust I'm talking about? Well anyways, just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this. Again, no dirt in the box, just a "mist" of dust. Thanks, Tommy

Come on guys...a reply please. Thanks:excuseme:

what you posted seems to make sense to me. I would expect that some of the fine particles will make through the filter into your air box. I have experienced the dust you are talking about, it is talcum powder like and if it gets wet and on your bike it becomes a real pain to wash off. the only real solution is to try and avoid it.

check to make sure the seal between the boot and the box is good. not much more you can do then that.

Probably want to check with the Baja racers as they have to deal with that super fine soot down there on the Baja 1000! Some of those guys should have a trick or two for ya to help seal the airfilter to the airbox.

I feel your pain brother. I have used the stocker and a UNI and see the same thing. No air is getting in the box except through the filter on mine, but I see the same thing. I will say that I'm not one of those guys that drops my filter in a big bucket of oil and squeezes as much out as I can. Just too much dribbling for my liking. I drip the oil over the filter and spend a lot of time working it in and just keep adding oil and working it in until I feel it has enough and add the grease on the lip. I prefer to think that those are the particles that are smaller than what the filter is rated to filter out.

Maybe it's not the XR and is just me as I'm pretty sure I've seen that on all my bikes and have not blown one up yet!

I had a 2001 XR650R for 4 years, and I always found that fine dust you are speaking of. I tried both UNI and K&N filters and the results were the same, however I think it was worse with the K&N. I just accepted the fact that it was somehow getting through the filter. I put over 9000 miles on that bike, so I don't think there were any ill effects from it.

Seen the same thing for over 16K miles now.

Thanks for the responses guys. Now I can sleep at night.:devil:

Are you covering the inside of your airbox with a thin coat of all purpose grease?

If not, doing so will act as another line of defense.

Are you covering the inside of your airbox with a thin coat of all purpose grease?

If not, doing so will act as another line of defense.

How about a little spray of filter oil?

Maybe make a prefilter also.

I noticed that on my gone-but-not-forgotten 650r, and it drove me nuts.

I even took the airbox off & filled it with water to check for leaks.

What I wound up doing was taking my grease gun to the airbox rim and "Caulking" the filter in place. Huge mess to clean afterwards, but it worked.

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