Weapon MX Gas tank foam

Has anyone used this stuff before

transworld is the first time i have ever seen it and it didn't sound that good to me.they said that when they took it out of the package that a bunch of foam crumbled off.I dont know about you but i wouldnt risk having that crap gunk up my carb!@Also to the peeps that know more about it..i thought foam conducted static electricity(sp)?I don't think that you would want that stuff in your gastank.It would also to some point displace fuel volume to you offroad guys.Not mucn but could be the reason you didn't finish that works series that you entered.that is my two cents....lets hear what other TT'ers have to say.

Yes, it does work. I didn't think it would but got the chance to try it out. Felt a difference on the first lap. The stuff is aircraft grade fuel cell foam and is rated for something like 10yrs. You only lose 4% of fuel volume. All other motorsports use it, why wouldn't MX, and who's to say that the pros aren't using it, anyone look in their gas tanks lately.

For Motocross its wonderful, Offroaders will have less fuel, so you cant go as far. The instructions tell you to ride your bike with half a tank of gas and install the foam and ride. IT WORKS. You CAN feel the difference, even if you cant tell when your lever position is right. Lap times show it, and video shows it. You can follow through ruts easier and come around berms without worrying about moving around. The Air Force and Navy use the EXACT same stuff in their planes. NHRA Drag cars use it in their fuel cells, and so do the Nascar teams. Even with basic physics behind it, it all makes sense.

Thanks guys. Read a heap of reviews on it today. Ive ordered it an its on the way

Who makes it and where do you get?

ok so why can't we post URL's anymore?

There are several people I know who swear by the stuff. Yes - I bet most of the pros are using it...

ok so why can't we post URL's anymore?
You can post URL's all you like as far as I can tell, but when one shows up like the one above, it indicates that the admins have specifically blocked direct links to the site in question for one of a small number of reasons. The most common reason this happens is that the site has repeatedly spammed the forums in spite of direct requests not to do so.

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