Excellent Service!!

I have a 1984 XL600R and as many of you know certain years and certain models are hard to get aftermarket parts for! Well mine is one where lots of parts are discontinued!!!! But the guys at Al Bakers XR's Only.................... not only told me out of stock , discontinued...........they went out of thier way to fulfill my parts request. I had been looking for a full exhaust system or even a slip-on pipe but no luck!! They had thier guy build a few from the original jig and wallah!It seems I was not the only rider looking for an exhaust for that paticular bike. I have mine on its way now via UPS!!!!! So kool! I cant believe it, plus when I get ready to order my engine rebuild kit they are gonna give me 15% discount on all my parts!!!! It really is hard to find shops or people that deticated to biking and thier customers like these guys!!!!!



Maybe they are finally cleaning up their act. Earlier this year, I ordered over $500 worth of stuff that was "in stock" which took 7 phone calls, 5 emails, and 4 months to get the items that were "in stock". To top it off, the shark fin they sent wasn't anodized red as I had ordered (and paid for). They did offer to exchange it but at that point I wanted nothing more to do with them.:devil:

Glad to hear you had good service.

I've had good luck with them also. Three sep. orders and no problems,and the sercice I got allways seemed fine.

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