How do you remove and install cam sprockets

I posted earlier about my WR400 cam retaining bolts coming loose and the cam destroying the cylinder head journals. I have decided to bore out the journals and hard crhome the cam shaft to suit. The only problem I see is how to remove the sprocket and bearing and how to re-install in the correct position after grinding. Also when the timing marks on 'I' should the lobes be fully opposite? Mine point slightly towards the barrell.

Thanks Lee


i feel you're making a mistake. you should bore out the bearing housing and have some bronze alloy caps put in. the camshaft should be ground down.


go to SEP crankshafts at Kegworth in Derbs. you know the M1 junction 21/22 where you get off for donington and east midland airport. they're 3 miles from there. 01509 673295. 39 sideley rd, kegworth, derbs. DE7 2FJ

thier work is absolutely immaculate. i had three duke cranks re nitrided there to perfect specs. they came back to me spot on in oil sealed bags.

when your doing this i think they will want the camwheel off the cam. you will need to find a reasonably accurate way of recording it's position.

don't you worry about that. when you go there the man you'll talk to has got grease on his hands and he'll come up with a practical answer.

as it is i think your struggling to get to grips with this.

if you make a clear decision and send me a deposit i will pull my variable timing camwheels off and do the job for you when it's done.

send a private message very quickly if interested.


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Cheers Taffy,

Cheers Taffy,

I phoned the guys at SEP and they said they would repair it as I described. Total charge include valves re-cuting was about £110. They will also remove and install the cam gears. Im going to send it to them on Monday.

Is there a check you can do to see if the cam gear has slipped?




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