Mystery washer Help

Ok I have everything I need to uncork my 07 650L but I cant find a .020-.030 washer, I cked radio shacks , bike stores, any suggestions, Is there anything else I can do or do I have to find this washer to shim the needle, any alternatives? Im anxious to get this done and see the difference please help:banghead:

Check out any good electronics shop they have these small washers you are looking for! I am pretty sure Rshack has them just have to look, most sales help couldnt find thier way to the front door to show up for work. J/K!!!!!


That's referencing thickness, but you knew that, right. Make sure the diameter fits flat inside the cavity.

I think you can use a washer that is sold by a company named Dubro. They sell hardware for RC models. Stop by a local hobby shop and they should carry them. I don't remember which one you need though.

Hobie shop is where you will find it. Good luck it's worth it.

If your in a hurry rip apart a old TV, VCR or Radio they have small washer selection in them, I find alot of usefull stuff in those for my RC Planes.

Anyone one with a lathe could make you one in less than 5 minutes.

Just go to a hardware store and ask for a #4 washer,they fit #4-40 screws (thats about 3/32" screw dia.).Beware of poor/rough stamping as some suppliers send crappy products.A guy here had the same prob.Make sure they are smooth around the edges.Good luck,ride safe...

This is true just take some emmery cloth and clean it up if you have to. Make sure you clean any grit off it before you put it in though,but you probably knew that.

Yep, Hobby shops RC shops I have a few in mt tool kit for my RC's


found one thanks guys, home depot had a pack of brass washers that was perfect.

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