Dan Lorenze, YZErnie, Dolphin, Kirktemp, or anybody that wants to go for a ride...

Trying to put together a ride for next week, either tues or wed. Gorman or ?

It's too bad SFO is so far north...But if you could make it that would be great! I really would like to put faces to those that have given me help so freely..

I wish all you TT'ers to

Have a wonderful Christmas

SoCal and Family

SoCal, unfortunately tues and wed are the only two days that I have to work next week otherwise I would be in. If you can do it any other day let me know. Eric

Im available on Sunday. If you're interested I'll take you to Mojave and show you some great trails. Gorman scares me, way too many riders out on the weekend. :)


I would like to go but I'm having my 426 suspension worked on. I could take my YZ125 but you guys would ride for a while and then have to stop so I could catch up!! I can only go probably 30-35 miles on the stock tank on the 125. I would not want to be the reason to muck up the ride. Are spark arresters required at Gorman???


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Do you ride tracks??? I just don't think the 125 is up for all that higher speed stuff. I was thinking maybe Perris, Elsinore or Comp Park for Wednesday.


Hey Kid's

Will Thursday Work? Dan,Blue,Ernie, Anybody?..Ernie, Yes you do need spark arrestor, But I won't tell on you! as far as a track, I would be open to that if a Desert or mountain ride won't work. To be truthful though, on a track. I would be Scared :) because I haven't been on a track since..... Well since before star wars came out. But if you promise to babysit me I will go...Big brave man that I am..Please bring the Pampers.

Looking forward to hearing from you guy's


SoCal, I just got your private message and Thursday would probably work for me if you've got a good ride planned. Last weekend I rode Snowy Creek in Frasier Park and it had a decent amount of snow and ice at the top. As far as the track goes, sorry I don't ride them. Let me know what you are thinking. Thanks, Eric


I don't have a spark arrester for the 125. Maybe Santa could bring me one!! I would really like to go but I don't want to subject myself to a ticket from Ranger Smokey!! Maybe we can hook up sometime after the first of the year. Would like to ride with you.


Well here's the plan:

We are going to Ballinger Canyon.

off of hwy.33.

We will all meet at Carrows restaurant 730am-800am @ Seward off ramp in Ventura, Turn left @ Harbor, you cant miss it right next to Standard Gas station. Assuming you are north bound on 101 fwy. If you need further instructions send me a p.m and we will exchange numbers so no one gets lost or left behind.

I'm estimating we should hit the saddles around 10am that will give it a bit to warm up..

BLUE, I had to look up where you live Ride site is not too much past Frasier Park (30-45 min?) but is still a drive for you, you are more than welcome to arrive @ my house the night before and stay here.

It will be cool, but not as high as Gorman or frasier so (should) not have snow.

Everybody is Welcome

Look for a Black 2-door Tahoe


What Day???

itsamre (mark)

This Thursday the 20th.

Hope to see you there.


So Cal,

I would like to join you guys on thursday if you dont mind. What kind of riding is Ballinger, I assume trail riding. I live in Manhattan Beach (near LAX) would it be faster for me to drive direct to Ballinger? If so I would appreciate some directions. I rode Gorman yesterday, lots of snow. About 2/3 up E.Frazier the tracks through the snow stopped and we had to push our bikes a lot of the way. The road to Arrasta was un-ridable. it took half hour to go about a mile and we turned around. Let me know about the above. Thanks.


SoCal, I appreciate your hospitality, but I won't be off work until late Wednesday night so riding Thursday morning would be a bit rough. I'm game to do Ballinger as a weekend trip but it is a little far for a day trip. Please keep me in mind for future rides. Thanks, Eric

Dang it Blue!

I was really looking forward to meeting you.


Looking forward to seeing you make it. As far as which way is best for you is kinda a toss-up. You can take I-5 and take the Fraiser Park turn off, and stay on it untill you come to the Hwy.33 and go right (north) for aprox.20-30 minutes. You must watch for the Ballinger Off Road Rec Area sign very closely as it is real small. If you hit Taft, or worse yet Santa Maria, Boy did you miss it! Or Take the 101 Fwy and meet us @ Carrow's in Ventura from there with towing trailers and all will be aprox 1hr 45min. 101 N to Hwy 33 N

Fast Tight trails, not near as rocky as Gorman. Elev about 3500ft. Be sure to take any mirrors and signals off. Since we are so outta shape and getting back into it, we usualy do a 20-25mi loop and fill-up on calories and go back out again.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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