Different Offset Triple Clamps for 05?

Anybody try any different triple clamps on 05 WR 450's? It seemes the steering is so sluggish and slow.

Check out graves motorsport

BRP racing has the only triple clamps i have found for a WR.

I have a 2004 and the had a couple of diffrend ones.

Hope this helps.

your not going to get a 265 lb., 450cc four stroke to turn on a dime. make a couple free changes to your set up before you spend the bucks. pull your forks up in your stock triple clamps to the second line on the tubes. also, add 3/16 to a 1/4 inch more pre-load to the rear end (less sag).

yes the offset clamps will help,i ran 23mm offset EMIG clamps on my 04 wr and on my 05 yz. the 04/05 yz clamps will work as long as you use your stem,one is longer than the other (can be pressed on/off at most any bike shop) the difference is amazing especially in the tight stuff. i know for 05 the wr frame dropped on the steering head about 1/2" and that was supposed to help turning because of the lower COG,like MTRA said,you may want to check your sag and run your fork tubes 5 mm up in the clamps first before spending all the $$.

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