stator rewind

I was reading awhile back, somewhere about a stator setup on a XR650R where they did two light windings. He had two 125watt windings, one for the lights,signals,gps and such. The other was for handwarmers, helmet communications,electric vest and a couple of 12 volt plug-ins he was running. He was using some kind of large capasitor under the left side of the rear fender instead of a battery. Does anyone know of this system and if so have the plans so I can wire it up if this is a good setup to use?

I have 104,000kms on my 2000 XR650R. I want to put allot of extra electronics on it for the next bunch of trips. I'm just not sure which way to go about this. Thanks very much for your help.

I cannot answer your question but I know who may. Call Custom Rewind.


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He may have an option for you

I believe that there are several vendors with the dual 125 watt stators. Ricky Stator, Baja Designs, and Electrex come to mind. I think that the Ricky Stator is the least expensive at $130 (US). If you are so inclined, you can rewind it yourself. It has been discussed at length in this forum. Now that searching is working again, just do a search on "stator."

There is a wide variety of configurations that you can use, but generally one winding is used for the headlight and is not rectified AC. The other can be connected to a DC regulator and a battery. The brake and turn signals run off of that. I don't know about Canada, but here in California the law requires a battery to run the brake light. It's also nice to have at least some kind of battery powered headlight so it doesn't get totally dark if the engine quits. The capacitor is also known as a battery eliminator and helps smooth out the DC voltage at low revs if you don't wasnt the weight and hassle of a battery.

100,000 kms is a lot for a single cylinder bike. Has the engine been rebuilt at all?

I have done the search and will rewind the stator myself. I was just wondering what is the best way to go after that and if there is a diagram or plans on the different types of set-ups. Thin line battery, capasitor alone, battery and capastor or just build an intire electricial system similar to the 650L.

Here in Nova Scotia, I only need a headlight, tail and brake light. I have a dual headlight with a 35w low and a 55w high which works great. Very bright cause of the type of reflective backing. It was designed for trucks and was bought at Parts For Trucks. It would normally have twin 55w lights in it.

Yes, that is a lot of kms on a single and the engine has not been touched yet. It is starting to use a bit of oil, 4 to 5 oz per 1200kms. The oil is changed every 1200 unless I'm on a trip and it will get changed as close to that as possible. The clutch bearing was replaced within the frist 6 months. Nothing else on this engine was touched except to uncork it before it left the shop and it has the Hi-rev CDI.

I might put the 680 kit in it this winter if I decide not to run all winter like I did last year. I only stopped for three weeks last year.

You need some sort of award for that kind of mileage. Just bought mine this summer & am glad they are that reliable.

A capacitor is also known as a battery elimanator. So, doing both is not good. I'd use a battery, get a slim long GelCell so itll be easy to hide, in at least 2.0~3.0 AH and youll be happy and thank me some day when you have to turn the lights on without starting the motor.

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