Free Yamaha Manuals On .PDF

I stumbled into the WZ forum and found the following message posted there. I thought my fellow YZs should benefit too, especially those without manuals. The link referred to in the message below didn't come through in my cut and paste. The link is


Posted by Clark4131 in WZ forum:

Free Yamaha Manuals On .PDF

Since a lot of folks want to get a .pdf version of the manual to save on their computers, here's the link to where you can find them. They're from the Australian Yamaha site, but this link will take you there without having to search. Keep in mind however, they are the international versions with French, German and Spanish supplements. You can edit those pages out if you have a password removal program and Adobe Acrobat. IMHO, these are actually better versions than the US, as they have tuning sections in them that go into proper carb adjustment, engine management, etc. that are omitted from the manuals given out in the States. Enjoy ...SC

yea but you can't print.

The U.S. manual has the same section on tuning at the back, same place as the Euro one.

Hey gray have you noticed any differences between the 06 manual and the 03?

yeah one's for 03 and one is for 06

Yes, quite a few.

What are you getting at?

I have a non printable 03 verion but a printable version for the 06. Just wondering if I print something out if I need to verify stuff like torque specs. Sounds like I do. Thanks

Most critical torque specs that I'm aware of are the same, as are the valve clearances, but some procedures are quite naturally different because of the relocation of the oil tank, and the reconfiguration of the rest of the lube system. And, of course the electricals are different.

One possible error I know of is that while the front axle nut is now aluminum, the same torque of 75 ft/lb is still called for, just as when the nut was steel. 60 seems like enough to me. Be careful using more.

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