Got my 07

Finally my 07 450 came in. This is my first blue bike and i cant wait to ride it.

I am racing this weekend so ill let you all know what i think. I put a carbon pro on it and some other kewl stuff so ill try to get some pics!


Why didn't you get it in white/silver??????

No blue

I picked up my YZ450F last Friday too. Had a choice between blue or white and decided to go with the white. One can't go wrong either way. I was only able to ride it around home for about 15 minutes or so yesterday but I really like the throttle control over the older YZ250 2 smoker I got rid of a while back. After riding the new bike for a while, I then rode with one of our son's on our CRF230 (he on a CRF100) and I had to chuckle. How quickly you forget the power of the race bikes after not riding one for a couple of years. The CRF230 which was fun just a few days ago seemed really boring. Definetely glad to be back. The bike does back fire on deceleration so I have some jetting work to perform when lubing up the bike and swapping out some of the stock components including the flywheel. Other than that, not much I need to do for the type of riding our family does. I am not a track racer but I like to open it up across the fields and do alot of jumping on our land. Definetely happy with the choice I made.


I like the blue better anyways, congrats.

I raced the bike this weekend and all i can say is wow! It it amazing it pulls forever and the suspension is great. Ill post a full report with pics here soon.

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