Hot Cam Stage I installed

WOW! What a difference. After the initial break in, "30mins above 3000k RPMs with varried engine speed" I was amazed at the gain. Throttle response is excellent now, absolutely no hesitation anymore off idle. Power comes on immediately and pulls hard through the power band. Took it for a ride in Ocotillo and the extra power feels realy helps carry the front end over harsh stuff at just about any speed. Starts alot easier too with out the auto decomp........I can wait to get back on it!

What kind of bike? 85 xr250? Help us out!

Yeah i guess that would help wouldn't it.

2001 XR650R


FMF Hi Flow Header

T-4 Pro Circut Silencer

Uni Filter No Screen

180 Main

70 Pilot

1 3/4 out on Fuel Scew

Clip 3 Down

14-48 Gearing

Stage 1 Cam :devil:

Good stuff Rdahl if the bike can breathe a cam is a solid bang for the buck.

Put a stage 2 HC in mine and i luv it.

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