650r six speed?

does anyone make a kit to make this bike a six speed. i think it may solve my problem for wanting to do 75 nicely on the highway and still be able to creep through the woods.

I'm 99.99999% sure that no one on earth makes a six-speed. There is a lot of cool stuff over the pond as well (A Monnier tank/shroud kit comes to mind), but I haven't seen one over there, either.

If you are really desperate, I'm sure that you could find someone to custom make you a transmission for around $10g's. It would be cheaper to get 2 650R's and gear one down to plonk, and gear one up to haul.

I think that mine cruises fine at 75 with the stock gearing, and still can go "slow" in the woods. (Who wants to go slow?!) On my buddy's and my "D/S" route, we have a stretch of gravel that we wick it up to over 95 for about 10 miles straight (very few corners!!).

If you think that your bike is busy and working hard at 75, borrow someone's 450 and appreciate how good you actually have it. Your 650R will cruise forever at 75 and never even break a sweat.

i had a couple 450's and deifnately see the 650 out performing that bike at speed. i was just reading about a ktm bike in a dirtbike mag and thought damn that would be cool to have a six speed. just happen all to often that i try to shift up on the street sometimes and i am already in fifth. when i am barely off the exit ramp that kinds makes my huge smile go down just a little bit.

the 650 is an awesome bike and can do street and woods awesome but you need to make some gearing adjustments to get the best performance for each. it would be nice to not have to do that and have a bike that does everything just a little bit better.

i'll make some phone calls to honda and get this taken care of. :devil: expect it on the 08 models:busted:

I had the same problem, always trying to shift into sixth.

You're not going to find a 6-speed, Bro, ain't gonna happen I'm affraid.

What you can do, for a whole lot less cash, is go to 16/45 gearing (from the factory 15/48). I am currently running 17" SM rims and tires and just bolted on 16/44 sprockets. Awesome. I no longer look for sixth gear.

For 18" rims and tires, a 16/45 will give you what you're looking for and unless you do a lot of slow/tight woods riding, you'll not miss the lower gearing.

My two cents.

Kawasaki Trail Boss 100, around 1970 had a hi/lo range trans with a lever to switch ranges, it worked pretty good, I thought lo range was too low but it was a good idea for on/off road.

I agree with eastreich 110%. Stick with stock gearing. If it is too fast for the woods... learn to ride it faster!

I want a six also . When I say woods; it's turning handles bars lock to lock around some really tight trails. & over fallen trees & coral heads. I lowered my gearing(12/52)? & engine screams on pavement. My old 250 Ossa pioneer had a granny gear, which I miss.( but I think it red lined about 50mph) OR if 5th could be made real tall (like an overdrive)

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