What's The washer For?

I noticed someone said they couldn't find the washer they needed to do the power up. I am not aware of this. When I did the uncork/powerup on my 06 650R, I put in the different needle (from Honda). Is this washer used if you retain the stock needle jet? Thanks, Tommy

It is to raise the needle for those that dont have an adjustable needle.

Is that a CA thing? Even the needle I took out was adjustable with 5 positions. The upgrade had a different taper to it. It's thinner at the business end (increased flow). Tommy

It's for the 650L. As far as I can tell any road legal bike is forced to have a non adjustable needle. The washer is used to jack it up a little and give a little richer jetting in the midrange. I'm pretty sure that a "normal" needle can be used, but the washer is a cheap alternative.

The washer trick can be useful on a bike with an adjustable needle. It allows for a finer 1/2 step or so adjustment.

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