put in wrong heat plug, should I worry

the plug on my 426 died today, and I accidently replaced it with my dad KFX 400 spark plug, a NGK CR7E. I noticed this after I started it up and took it up and down the street. the stock spark plug for the 426 is a NGK CR8E, one heat rating higer( I guess). should I worry about this. will it hurt the engine.

It shouldnt hurt anything, it mostly refers to keeping the plug clean. It might foul earlier or not but it wont hurt the engine or make it run hotter or cooler.

For the price of a spark plug.. I would change it up soon as you get the chance. I doubt it will hurt the engine though..

the 7 is hotter than the 8, but I can't say what is going to happen either.

What could happen in a four-stroke is that the plug may get hot enough to become a source of pre-ignition, which can lead to detonation and possible engine damage if serious enough. I'd change it as soon as feasible.

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