I have some YZ/WR 400/426 items listed on ebay. I mentioned thumpertalk.com on the tank auction and got a couple emails from members saying that I should post on here. I don't want it to seem like spam, but you guys can probably get some use out of these. I have a stock tank off a 98 YZ400 (the best year because of heavy plastic), magura hydraulic clutch, frame guards, radiator braces, full set of plastic, fox gear bag, and a shoei helmet. Here is the link:



I'm interested in the Magura hydro clutch if you still have it. I tried looking for it on ebay but I couldn't find it. If you didn't sell it on ebay yet get back to me or maybe send me a link to it on ebay and I'll get my dad to bid on it. I'm VERY interested!!

Thanks, Chris


(work email)

My buddy is looking for a tank...what $ amount would it take to end the auction and sell it to him directly?


What are the rad guards (make)?

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