Too Lean?

Ok 07 XR650L, have everything to uncork, tear bike apart and do everthing, go to put the jets in and they're wrong ,been all over town trying to find them and no luck. MY question is if I stick it back together, how will it run with the stock jets and everthing else done, needle shim, drilled slide, no baffle, K&N, stock pipe with baffle removed, will it be too lean to ride this weekend while a wait for those idiots to order me the right jets?

You could always find someone who has a set of jet drill bits. Not many available these days.


If you put the baffle back in it will probably be ok. I had to wait a week for the jets so I drilled the slide, shimmed the needle, and left the snorkel in the airbox. It popped it out when I got the jets. And to be honest, I didn't notice any difference when I did rejet. It's the drilling and shimming that seemed to make the real difference in throttle response.

Just by shimming the needle you will have ritchened it up alittle,but I would still rejet when you get the right ones. And as far as taking the baffle out well some back preasure is a good thing. How loud is that thing? Don't sweat it should be fine.

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