Best Header for 2000 XR600????

I am in the near future going to bore my bike out to 628cc and install the hotcam stage 1 cam i recently got cheap brand new. Currently i have a supertrapp IDS 1 Silencer. I was wondering what the best head pipe was. I was looking at the power bomb, but it said it will quiet my bike and i do not really want that. I have been trying to get on but they seem to be expieriecing difficulty right now. Anyway just wondering what you guys think is the best header setup for a 600

I am going to trying out the header from XR's Only next week when it arrives at my door. I am getting the full system from them. Contact Kamell at 706-244-2626 or for a price and availability. I was very please with the price for header, pipe, jets, and Uni-filter air filter.


Had a Big Gun system on mine and it worked well with the 628 kit. Stay away from the high compression piston it won't allow the bike to lug very well.

I've got the XRs only on my L and love it. No problems at all. I like the way it was put together. Stainless and no rivets.

I turned landsharkgt onto rideaide, about a month ago. Now look who is giving refferals! Word of mouth your best and worst means of advertising! You go landsharkgranturismo. Give a try, now you have two refferals something must be up.:devil::thumbsdn: :thumbsup:Actually its three cause goblin is saying he loves his!

Try there mikuni flat slide carb that made a big diff. also.

We will post pics next wednsday when UPS arrives!!!


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