What would Honda do...

Seems like the CRF600X rumours were a pipe dream... and from all the media spin on the 450X lately, big red is now pushing that as their "big bore" off -road bike? The 650R might have a future as a dualsport /650L replacement and no doubt they can milk the design for a few years there...but for pure off road performance thumpers, ALL the Japanese manufacturers seemed to have vacated and deferred to the European specialty mfrs.

Maybe the answer to the whole deal is in the 650r crank,i read on a Honda race site somewhere that the 650's crank is good for a lot more HP and if they have to tap it to win the Baja they will do so.

The KTM 700 thing has to be a threat so maybe they will upgun the 650?

The platform is awesome for fast stuff so hoo knows.

What wins on sunday sells on monday and with no new jigs or R&D costs a new "super 650"kit at Honda dollars for the Baja racers means maybe old red has a few more mango seasons left.

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