so cal desert ride Sunday?

Anyone want to do a Arrow Head/ Big bear or high desert ride this sunday? Should be loamy dirt or a liitle snow at higher elevations.we got a nice rain storm up here today,it'll be good riding.


Rode Arrow Head/ Big Bear last week and there was quit a bit of snow and ice on the ground above Deep Creek. Had my first experience with brown ice, I was on my face before I knew I was falling.To many people on the week ends on the narrow trails but with the storm that just passed through only the die hards will be out.I will post next time I go up and maybe we can hook up for some riding. Do you have any week days off?

I,m not that fond of ice, i've busted my ass up there on that stuff before.I was thinking of staying down at a lower elevation, i live about fifteen minutes from desert trails on the backside of arrowhead and big bear.

I'm off work every Friday, so i can ride on alot of those days. i'm getting ready to take off from my house here in about 45 minutes to ride some desert trails for a couple hours to break in a new top end on my WR.. I have a plated bike so i can be on the trails in 10 minutes.

i'd still like to do a long ride tomorrow, anyone

want to go? Obviously we may have too much snow on the normal trails up on the mountain, but i know alot of trails in the hills on this side that only the locals are aware of.


Tel. 760 240 2684

E mail

Glenn, I would love to go but I have a couple of reasons why I can't. Im celebrating Christmas with one side of my family today and I'll probably drink too many beers (if history repeats itself) and will be too bombed and lazy to prep my bike. Also my wrist is KILLING me, since my Vegas race it hasn't healed yet. So I'll probably sit this one out. Im not totally apposed to going riding during the week next week in you're interested cause I won't be riding the following weekend either (because of Christmas).

I think you're right when you mentioned snow. Where I usually ride the snow could be a killer. But when it melts it's great.


Glenn... I was riding the BB/AH trails last weekend and got blown over on a ridge and will be taking this Sunday off to let my thumb sprang heal. I will be off work from 12/21 till 01/02 and lots of riding will be done!!! Enjoy your ride today. MR


Man, i thought you must have quit riding, long time no hear from.

I'll be off work for a couple weeks beginning this Friday as well, as a matter of fact i'm trying to put together a ride for Friday from my house, unless we have forty mile an hour winds like last Fri.

Let me know if you're interested. Maybe it'll rain on Thursday.


My next day to do any sinificant riding will be this Fri., I'll be busy with family most of Christmas week, but will go camping out between Barstow and Ft Irwin the weekend before new years.


I'm going to ride this Friday.




Any ride from my house will pretty much require a plated bike,especially to the foothills or B.B., A.H. For you green sticker guys, Parking can be done at the end pavement on Apple Valley Road, about five minutes from my house. We can set up a ride that will enable you to get gas in Barstow or Hinkley without getting busted on the road.

W.R.'s with stock tanks or YZ's with big tanks are the hot set up, but we can be creative with the gas if need be.


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