xr650l shifter too low!

thanks,but i tried that first,after over thirty years of riding i know how to do the basics,but this thing hits the stupid countersprocket case when it is up one more spline..geez honda get a clue!lol.

like I said, get a dremel, or go to a machine shop. The sprocket cover comes RIGHT off (as I'm sure you already know), and grinding out a little notch is no big deal at all. it's not going to cause any adverse effects, considering all the guys that run without one at all...

Rotate the shifter up one on the splined shift shaft. This does require making a little notchito in (or removing) the cs cover like R1-xr650-400 has said. No big deal, just hard plastic.

Rotated mine, notched the cs cover & left it like that for all riding conditions. There's a close up photo of my modified cs cover in My Garage if you want to have a look.

This mod is even more critical when using larger aftermarket footpegs, which I also have on my XRL...

CAUTION. i did the old "rotate on the spline" adjustment on an old Harley i had. went for a "test" run to check the position. quickly distracted and day dreaming, and an hour later i realized i should probilby get some gas...odd sort of feeling to try and down shift off the highway and get nothing but air. got distracted and forgot to tighten the damn thing before i left and it vibrated off. had to ride an hour home clutching with the right hand and shifting the linkage on the tranny by hand. Harleys taught me a lesson of "good-n-tight" and loctite.

haha, oh shit man, tough break. I'll make sure I never forget to tighten the bolt :mad:

just curious, what kind of harley did you used to sport? I dig the oldies big time.

1980 superglide. old shovel head. built it from the ground up when i was 15. hit the streets and rode for many years. life got in the way of riding for a while, but i getting back in the game now. the old hawgs will rattle your teeth out, but their fun to ride

sweet man...old school shovel heads will never die out!

pretty crazy that you were that much of a gear head at 15. I'm 24, and I don't know sh!t :mad:

gear head by default. my family always had old junk cars that we had to keep running. the bike had been in the family (in many pieces) for many years. i just collected them up started putting it back together. learned a lot along the way. it has sat for 6 years or so now. i'm going to have to go through it again whenever i get time. wrenching always put my mind at ease, just you and the tools, nobody fussing with you.

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