oil changes and filters what oil do you use

just wondering what oil people are running and if the stainless stell filters are good or not,and how often do you guys change your oil

I'm using Maxima in both the transmission and engine. I change the oil after every 5 hours of ride time and I clean the filter after 10 hours. I have a staninless steel filter and had had no problems. It's more then paid for itself. Some say every 5 hours is too often to change the oil, but oil is cheap compared to engine parts and I have no problem doing it.

Seriously, you need to do a search. The oil question has been asked at least a thousand times!

I run paper filters, but serioulsy need to buy a Scotts next season. I run Yamalube oil, just because I know it will work fine, and don't feel like searching around for "the perfect oil." Change oil every 5-6 hours, and filter every other oil change, until I get the SS filter, it will be cleaned with each oil change.

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