Fork troubles..

My forks are leaking again on my 06YZ450:smashpc: Its time for some new seals anyway.. but I also noticed that both fork tubes have a slight scratch on them... not sure from what, but now do they need replaced? The scratch is deep enough to catch a finger nail in, but not super deep either. Just not sure if they are worth my time to rebuild with the scratched tubes? If there is a chance they are still usable I would like to go that route since they are expensive. But if they are only going to make the new seals leak then I guess I better replace them. Any imput? Thanks:thumbsup:

If it's big enough to catch your finger nail, it'll probably still leak. You can take and smooth that down though. I haven't ever had to do it myself so I can't remember exactly what it was I read, but someone else will probably be able to give you direction on that.

Might have been me. I've recommended sanding out lighter scratches in a cross-hatch pattern before, sanding at 45 degrees to the length of the tube in both directions using 240 or finer wet/dry paper and a little solvent or light oil. I've done this myself with some nicks and scratches that looked as if they were much more significant that something you could just sand away, especially on such a hard surface, and each time successfully. It does, of course, dull the finish, but the normal activity of the fork restores it after a while, and it stops the leak in the meantime.

Thanks... I will give that a try first, and hopfullly with the new seals it will be good to go. I still can't figure out how they got scratched in the first place.

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