Baja Designs Hydraulic Brake switch

I just bought one of these for my WR, (pre-wired), and see theres no red wire

in the assembly. The rear WR light only has a ground, yello, and blue wires. While the switch has a yello and blue only. Does anyone have any experience using the stock rear light? They told me I would be able to hook it up, but so far, no "brake" light. BD included no wiring direcrtions, just the installation of the switch. Thanks for any help guys.

The blue wire is the brake light.

Connect a lighting wire to the switch and the remaing switch wire to the blue wire at the taillight.

Are you running a battery?PT


No battery. The only wires coming from the switch, are yelo/blue. Yelo connects to the free yellow, and the blue has nowhere to go. I dont want to change my whole rear light. Thought for 23 bucks I could get my rear light to work.

Your rear lite is a single filament only.. You need to get a dual filament bulb assembly.. You should be able to get one from a wrecking yard or trucking supply store and switch your current taillamp assembly... Dont forget that techinically your going to need a license plate lamp also...

The bulb that is in there has 2 filaments.

Is there 3 wires from your light unit??

Dont know the colours off the top of my head but...1 will be earth 1will be tail light and the other will be the brake light.

The switch you have bought only controls the brake light.

You take a constant live feed into the switch from the bike and run the other wire to the light unit brake feed, the earth does the rest and when you brake the cicuit is complete and Bingo the brake light comes on. for your tail light take a feed from your light circuit ie the headlight ru it to the light feed again the earth does the rest and when you switch on the lights the tail light illuminates.

I hope this makes sense :D

any problems post/pm me and I'll try to explain a little better!



I hope you realise that earth is Euro speak for ground! LOL :)

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Thanks Guy. There are 3 wires from the tail light assembly. A black ground, (or earth), a yelo, and a blue. The blue is connected to the blue from the head light, (i think), the yelo is connected to the yelo, (it was loose), and the ground never makes it back to the top of the airbox where the others meet. IM a little pissed because I bought 3 things from these guys, and all of them dont work! There are no instructions either!

:D It's not too bad then, if you make the Ground to Ground connection then supply the brake light switch and connect that to the brakelight feed you should have a working system :)

it's a lot easier to draw than write in words :D

I went thru this when I fitted my rear light to my WR and the brake switch and the horn etc, hell I even got instrument lights working! :D

just post if you have any problems :D



:D Wayneo, check your PM's :)

I have a Baja designs switch and it works well. To hook it up, tee off the blue (I think) wire that powers the tail light. Connect this to one wire on the switch and connect the other wire from the switch to the wire from the tail light that is not connected to anything. I am not sure of the wire colours, but if you want, I will check for you.

Well guys-still not working. Tried every way, no brake light when I step on the pedal. Maybe I have to use a splitter for the switch blue wire?

:) Wayne, you shouldn't have to split the switch wires?????

The spare yelo wire that you have is it live when the bike is running?

the other usual problem is a bad earth (Ground) which prevents the circuit being made!

you need to have one of the switch wires connected to a live feed to make it work, any probs mail me :D:D

Wayne another thought, if you have a circuit meter, then connect it to the two wires on the switch, step on the pedal and see if you have a circuit, cos it wouldn't be the first dead switch sold in the history of M/Cycles! :)

This sounds dumb, but are you sure the brake has been completely bled? The switch only works when the pressure increases. I was concerned when I put mine on at first and it didn't work but once it was bled, the switch worked.

Rich- I made sure it was bled before I even tried hooking up the lights. Thanks.

Cheers to Guy for his help over the weekend. As simple as it may be, I was looking for a connector, instead of just splicing the switch's blue wire into the existing blue connector. After splicing it, it worked just like it was supposed to! Thanks again Guy- your help was much appreciated!

No Problem Wayne :D

Glad to have been of help! :)

Heya bro any chance you can post the part # for that switch so I can order one up myself? I would love to get that working on my bike fro the weekend comming up.

Thanks alot!

Cost and Part # Please

Scream- here you go:

Brake Light Switch

I had mine pre-wired for an extra $3. Good luck!



Beware of the rear brake switch. I have the entire kit on my bike. I ride Dual Sports, Hare Scrambles and Enduros and blew one out on a big downhill. I leave my front brake switch hooked up and only install the rear for inspection every year. At the Dual Sports I found out that I'm not the only one that has blown one out.

Interesting. I installed the rear only for use to/from the trails. I didnt get the full street kit from BD, just the switch so my rear light works, and I dont get ended by some shmo on the road. I dont ride the bike much at all on the road, its just so the po-lice cant really bust my chops.

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