Baja Designs Hydraulic Brake switch

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Beware of the rear brake switch. I have the entire kit on my bike. I ride Dual Sports, Hare Scrambles and Enduros and blew one out on a big downhill. I leave my front brake switch hooked up and only install the rear for inspection every year. At the Dual Sports I found out that I'm not the only one that has blown one out.

T/C...What exactly do you mean by "Blown One Out"

because I run pretty much the same thing over here in the UK, with no problems at all!

I had one of the brake switches fail. What happened is that where the plastic is bonded to the banjo bolt, the bond failed, and allowed brake fluid to squirt all over the hot exhaust. Spectacular!

This happened to me at the LA-B-V this year.

:) Ooh Err Mrs...sounds scary. Has anyone else had this problem, or are these a couple of isolated incidents. Mine has been in the bike for about two years without problems...but now I'm a touch concerned! :D

I had one hydraulic switch failure. The switch didn't leak it just quit working. Baja Designs did a warranty replacement on the switch for me.

The fluid blew out around the top. First the switch stopped working and then the seal on top where the wires come out spurted out where the metal meets. Baja Designs backs up there stuff. I had a new one within a week.

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