Check out the new graphics!

Nice! Who are they from? Nice lake where is it?

:mad: Looks awesome!

They are made by DOXO (who ever that is). I bought the kit on Ebay for $48.00 including no slip seat cover.

That's not a lake, that's the Columbia River. One of the windest spots on earth in the Summer. People come from all over the world to windsurf and kiteboard here.

The photos where shot half a mile from my house. Two miles up from here is nothing but dirt that goes on for ever! Some of the best single track you could ever imagine!

Looks good:thumbsup: I may have to pick a set of those up off ebay:thinking:

Have been looking on Ebay , but I can't seem to find the graphics kit listed anywhere. What do I need to search for? Thanks---WR Dave.

Those graphics actually look good!

Just do a search for wr450 graphics on ebay. It should come up. Here is the ebay store I bought mine from.

Ya those have been there for awhile. I was just looking at them tonight actually. They look great. Those are some great pics to.

Now those look good, nice!

Nice pics, Fred, but looks too clean, do you ever ride it???

Just kidding, I'm jealous.

Nice pics, Fred, but looks too clean, do you ever ride it???

Just kidding, I'm jealous.

Would you believe I ride almost everyday this time of year! (I kiteboard in the Summer months) Over 3,000 miles since I bought the bike in March. Dirt roads start one mile from my house, single track starts at about five miles. The place I ride is called the "Jedi Forest" because it looks just like the forest in the movie. It's all secret trails, locals only, shhhhhh.....don't tell anyone.

Dude.. looks generic to me!:mad:

I had a set on my YZF. (see garage) I loved 'em. The seat gripped awesome and the graphics held up well in a 4th gear get-off that balled me up pretty good. My only complaint was that the white area got yellowed noticably inonly 6 months from gas fumes.

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