Panaram wheel size..

Does anyone have the whhel size/setting to calibrate my panaram for a 21" front wheel???? Also any tips I need to know besides using the magnet bolt???

I've got mine set at 2089. Pretty acurate with a Dunlop 756.

I've got no tips, just follow instruuctions.

mine is set at 2155 it's right on the money (S12 on front )

The default setting is 2155. Trail Tech recommends 2205 as a good average setting.

Using the formula in the directions (diameter x PI), I measured a new Dunlop 755 at 2190 mm.

If you want to be exact, put a dab of grease on your front tire and roll it across your garage floor. Measure the distance between the two dots of grease in millimeters and enter that as your calibration setting.

I have found CR2032 batteries at Wal-mart for under $2.


Panoram/Trail Tech dealer

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